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Here is an update from Ruth Lee, MAT '09 who in Fall takes up a new teaching position in Manhattan Beach, California:

"I hope TLAD is doing well! I wanted to share a couple of important updates in my life: the first is that I'm a mom of a beautiful 6 month old named Audrey, and second is I got a job!

Starting in September I'll be working at Manhattan Academy ( as the K-8th art teacher. I'll also be teaching after school classes for Pre-K once a week. MA is actually a Montessori school and I'm so grateful that I had two years of experience at Quest Montessori in RI. It is a full-time job, I have my own classroom, and Audrey will be well taken care of in the Infant Center. I'm thrilled, I just love being in the Montessori environment. They even have a garden with a mini greenhouse outside.

Last summer I also illustrated a children's book written by a Montessori parent and author Trevor Eissler. You can see examples on my website"

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