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Two of the three panelists in the second episode of the public television series Art RIhave TLAD connections. On a panel moderated by Martina Windels, Sarah Ganz Blythe, Director of Education at the RISD Museum are joined by TLAD Professor Dr. Paul Sproll, and TLAD alumna and Executive Director of CityArts Barbara Wong, MA '95.

In the program broadcast mid-week on Rhode Island PBS, cable Channel 8 and to be re-broadcast this Sunday (09/16) at 9:30am the "three art educators introduce their programs and discuss art education in Rhode Island. They take a look at the role art education plays in teaching subjects other than art, such as the development of essential skills and creative problem solving skills. Art education is often cut from public school budgets because it is not part of the core curriculum, but are non-profit arts organizations in Providence and beyond equipped to provide an appropriate substitute for the missing art education in public schools?"

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