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Saba Qizilbash, MA '04 (Community Arts Education track) has never lost her commitment to community-based work and matters of social justice. In Dubai, where she now lives and works, Saba with the support of a group of friends bridge the social divide and distribute food and essential supplies to construction workers.

Saba writes: "Mums Who Share came together as a collective in 2008. What began as an initiative of two friends to share food with manual workers in the newly development upscale Marina area, is now an ongoing force with a mind of its own.Every Thursday, a group of volunteers bring meals, juices, fruit, yogurts to a construction sites within their neighborhood. Before we even enter the premises, the queue has swelled to 300 plus people. Each of our cars holds one type of contribution. In an organized manner, we hand out from each car and the queue moves down. As we run out of food, we indicate that by shutting the car's trunk. On special occasions, we distribute blankets, watches, dress shirts and similar items of utility bordering on luxury. When the construction work on the site comes to an end, we begin to identify another site, seek permission and begin our work.The reason why we collect and give within our own neighborhood is because we realize the importance of community development. We use Facebook and similar social networks to organize our team and volunteers. Every Thursday we wonder how the next 300 meals, drinks and fruit will be collected and yet every Thursday we have more than we can handle".

Saba Qizilbash
Saba Qizilbash

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