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On Thursday November 14th, TLAD hosted three finalists - Educate Me, Helm, and Maddad - from a competition organized by RISE-NEGMA a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that was established after the January 25th Egyptian Uprising, when a group of seven Egyptian-American and Egyptian prfofessionals from the Harvard and MIT community got together and asked the simple questions : "What can we do to move ideas to action on the ground, for a brighter future for Egypt?" RISE (Re-thinking Innovation Through Social Entrepreneurship) - NEGMA(Entrepreneurship, Growth, Mobilization, Action) group was interested in exporing possible partnerships with areas of RISD concerened and involved with matters of social change. The Educate Me finalists were especially interested in the Department's work with Project Open Door.


DR. Paul Sproll TLAD's Department Head with the RISE-NEGMA

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