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TLAD Faculty Help Shape the Future of Two New Providence High Schools

"The new schools 'will be unlike anything the district has ever done before...'"

TLAD faculty Professor Paul Sproll and Senior Lecturer Janice DeFrances began work this month as members of the High School Design Advisory Group for two Carnegie High Schools that will be co-located in Fall 2015 in two existing Providence public high schools – Hope High School and Mt. Pleasant High School. According to the news release, the new schools “will be unlike anything the district (PPSD) has ever done before. Two design teams comprised of community members, parents, and students will study our students and best practices to develop tow innovative school models based on the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s School Design Principles. The new schools will focus on providing deeply personalized, mastery based learning experiences for all students. They will feature new instructional approaches and flexible use of time and resources.” As member of the High School Design Advisory Group for the Carnegie Schools, Dr. Sproll and Dr. DeFrances “will review and provide critical feedback on the school models and school design process.” The new schools will be designed according to the following 10 integrated principles for a high performing secondary school:

• Integrates positive youth development to optimize student engagement & effort.

• Prioritizes mastery of rigorous standards aligned to college and career readiness.

• Continuously improves its operations and model.

• Develops and deploys collective strengths.

• Manages school operations efficiently & effectively.

• Maintains an effective human capital strategy aligned with school model & priorities.

• Empowers & supports students through key transitions into & beyond high school.

• Remains porous & connected.

• Has clear mission & coherent culture.

• Personalizes student learning to meet student needs.

TLAD is delighted to have been invited by Providence Public Schools to participate in this envisioning of new public schools for the City, especially because the Department has a long and successful history of involvement with Hope High School where one of the new Carnegie schools will be co-located and because TLAD is in its second year of providing after-school programming through its Project Open Door initiative at Mt. Peasant High School, where the other new school will be co-located.

For more information about the 10 Carnegie Design Principles:

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