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MA Alumni Represented in "Formative & Persisting" Show

We are delighted to announce that three TLAD alumni - Rachel Branham, MA'13, Daylynn Lambi , MA'12 and Rohini Sen, MA'13 are represented in the upcoming Sol Koffler showat RISD "Formative & Persisting: How the Thesis Lives On," which opens on September 7th and runs through September 23rd.

The show, curated by Anne West, Graduate Studies Senior Critic, "highlights how the graduate written thesis carried forward into the world, post-RISD. Its six categories [blue print, catalyst, method, monograph, pedagogy, and research] suggest varieties of ways in which the thesis is both formative and persistent".

Rachel's thesis titled "No Magic Bullets: A Graphic Novel" has just been published by Teachers College Press under the title "What's So Great About Art, Anyway? : A Teacher's Odyssey". Rohini's thesis is titled "The Unvisited Repository: Intuition in Teaching + Learning," and Daylynn's is titled "Extracting Engagement: Creative Learning Spaces & Youth".

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