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Architects Transform Space for TLAD's New Campus Home

Department of Teaching + Learning in Art + Design (TLAD) students and faculty alike are absolutely delighted with the work that LLB Architects in Pawtucket have done to spaces that have now become the hub of TLAD activity on RISD's campus. 345 South Main Street now provides a suite of faculty and administrative offices, a conference room as well as a Collaborative Learning Space, which doubles as a teaching space and a graduate student work space. In 355 South Water Street, a space we now refer to as the TLAD+POD Studio Lab is a multi-use environment that is used a curriculum teaching studio, a hub of our college access program Project Open Door's activity as well as open studio space for our MAT and MA grads.

We are just getting used to the elegance of our new home on RISD's campus. The photos were kindly provided us by LLB Architects.

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