Certificate in Collegiate Teaching in Art + Design

The 6-credit Certificate in Collegiate Teaching in Art + Design builds on the momentum and past history of graduate student and faculty interest in developing a reflective teaching practice and reflects current practice at other institutions of higher education offering graduate teaching certificates.  It uses the College as a site for the examination, practice, advancement, and research into collegiate level studio pedagogy.  


"The certificate program benefits from its access to the vitality and pedagogical practices of the RISD faculty, which provide participating graduate students with models of teaching that can inform the creation of a personal teaching philosophy and their development as future faculty".


The certificate provides an institutional endorsement for those graduate students with interests in pursuing teaching opportunities in higher education, which when examined alongside other academic and professional qualifications, provides them with a value-added edge.  Graduate students pursuing the certificate and who are assigned as instructors or co-instructors for a Wintersession course will receive certificates that are endorsed “Conferred with Collegiate Teaching Experience.” 

Collegiate Teaching & Collegiate Studio Seminars


Teaching in a studio-based environment fosters a range of conversations and questions regarding best practices of collegiate teaching of art and design.  These discussions occur within the department, across disciplines, in round tables and informal settings as well as in special forums and seminars.  


"A cluster of opportunities is available for the graduate student to synergistically reflect on the nature of teaching, to pose questions for the future of our disciplines, and to integrate growth in teaching with professional development".  


In a sequence of collegiate teaching electives, graduate students representative of the entire spectrum of RISD’s graduate degree programs have the opportunity to engage with RISD faculty as they reflect on their teaching trajectory and teaching advancement. Videotaped micro-teaching practice experiences provide graduate students with unique opportunities to hone their pedagogical skills and to receive peer and faculty feedback. Additionally, post-class conferences with the seminar instructor and guest RISD faculty provide graduate students with a formal exchange of observations, critical advice and recommendations in support of emerging higher education professionals in the fields of art, design, and architecture. 

College & University Teaching beyond RISD

RISD graduate students who have elected to take TLAD’s collegiate teaching seminars have gone on to teach full-time and part-time at a range of institutions across the country including the University of Kansas, Auburn University, the College of Charleston, Memphis College of Art, Western Michigan State University, Wesleyan College, Rhodes College, the University of California at Davis, Alfred University, Carnegie Mellon University, Tyler School of Art, the University of Connecticut, Bridgewater State College, Luther College, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Colorado College, State University of New York, Purchase,  University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin, Mendocina College, Emporia State University, Virginia Commonwealth  University, Iowa  State University, and many more.  These former RISD graduate students, now professors and instructors, are contributing to the wider dialogue of teaching in art and design and modeling promising practices in teaching and learning with their own students.


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