Maxine TU

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2018

BA, Scripps College

Weeks before graduating, Maxine was humbled to accept an offer to teach third to eighth grade Visual Arts at the Bear Creek School in Redmond, Washington. She is thankful to be equipped by the MAT program with diverse student teaching experiences, strong curriculum design skills and the ability to articulate her pedagogical practice and teaching philosophy. Maxine is most passionate about fostering a challenging and experimental classroom, where elements of art become building blocks to creating innovative works of art. She believes that art-making can be a discipline that interacts with our humanness in a holistic manner as it flows from the heart, touches the eyes that survey the world, and stimulates the mind with which we understand the workings of it all. It is Maxine's firm belief that Art is transformative - and this much is worth sharing!

Megan Tresca

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2018

BFA, Painting,  Rhode Island School of Design

Megan discovered she wanted to be involved in art education while a teaching assistant in RISD's Young Artist Program. She found great joy there in helping others access their own inspiration, while also assisting them to develop those ideas and bring them visually to life. Before graduating with her MAT, Megan accepted an offer of a position at the Winchendon School, an independent boarding school in Massachusetts. She teaches a number of studio areas including painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. Megan believes there is no  "right" way to create art; it is simply about authentically expressing oneself. Her goal as a visual arts educator is to encourage her students to experiment, push boundaries and always be open to investigating new ideas and processes while staying true to themselves.

Shoshana Spencer

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2017

BFA, School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Shoshana is the Middle and Upper School Digital Arts Teacher at York Prep, an independent college preparatory school in New York City's Upper West Side. After graduating with her MAT in 2017, she moved to New York City and taught elementary art in the South Bronx for one year.  A mixed-media fine artist and graphic designer by training, she sees teaching as a bridge between her art practice and instruction. She enjoys working in a variety of medium — digital and traditional — and endeavors to bring a spirit of experimentation, play, and curiosity into her classroom.

Mackenzie Bonney

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2015

BFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Mackenzie is the founding art teacher at 360 High School - a public high school located in Providence, Rhode Island.  It is an innovative high school established on Carnegie Principles. Mackenzie believes that: "Art and Design are powerful tools that can be used to foster deeper understandings or gain new perspectives of our world. Mackenzie is passionate about providing students with prompts that allow them to inquire within themselves and the community, as well as the confidence in technical skills that encourages them to take risks. Mackenzie an artist eager to investigate and discover and to develop the kind of exchange between teacher and student that feeds an evolving curriculum as they learn from one another. Mackenzie is committed to instruction that incorporates contemporary ideas and issues so that students can begin to develop a sense of autonomy and connection to their learning that is not always present in most K-12 education today.



Michelle Cho

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2015

BFA, Painting, Rhode Island School of Design 

Michelle is an art teacher at Brentwood School - a private school  in Los Angeles, California -  a position she accepted after working for a time as a visitor services associate at the Broad Museum in LA. Michelle shares that "as an artist-educator with experience and a commitment to community engagement, I plan to introduce my students to concepts of audience, empathy, and context. I want to empower young scholars to be active members in their communities, through continuous investigation of self and connecting with others – all possible through art and design. I am excited to grow alongside my students, to collaboratively take ownership of art as research and art as action". 

Nick Prado

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2014

BFA, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Nick is the art and design instructor at Ivy Collegiate Academy in Taichung, Taiwan. In order to heighten student worldliness, lessons in his Advanced Placement Studio, 2:D Design, and 3-D Design courses are often inspired by artwork discovered throughout his travels across Asia. Prior to enrolling in RISD's MAT program, Nick taught a graphic novel course at an extended day program and English as a Second Language (ESL) in South Korea. As his international career continues, Nick maintains a studio practice in illustration inspired by his travels and passion to integrate art, literature, and culture.

Jeffrey D. Seaberg

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2010

BFA, State University of New York (SUNY), New Paltz

Jeff's career path has enabled him to follow his dream to teach internationally. He currently teaches in the visual arts program at the Hong Kong International School. Jeff is especially interested in incorporating 21st-century technologies into his teaching. Prior to his move to Hong Kong, Jeff taught at TASIS the American School in England, London where he was responsible for teaching a variety of courses including Drawing, Painting, Photography, and International Baccalaureate Visual Arts. Jeff's first teaching position on graduation from the MAT program was an elementary school art teacher in South Carolina.

Brian Hutcheson

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2007

Brian is an artist/designer/educator residing in Tacoma, Washington where he is Director of Fine & Performing Arts at Eastside Preparatory School. He teaches drawing, mixed media, and other creative topics. In his own creative practice, Brian works in a variety of media from painting and printmaking, to paper-craft and interactive installations. He established the Martlett Press while teaching at his previous school the Charles Wright Academy. On graduating from RISD with his MAT, Brian was hired by leading K-12 art curriculum publisher Davis Publications as a digital media consultant.

Sarabeth Berk

Master of Arts in Teaching, Rhode Island School of Design

BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Dr. Sarabeth Berk is Founding Director of Futurebound, a not-for-profit think tank that brings together leaders to fuel innovation in chid development. Since graduating from RISD with her MAT,  Sarabeth has been teaching art, building community connections, and shaping education through design practices.  First, Sarabeth taught environmental art at the Island School in the Bahamas, a semester abroad program for high school students.  Then, she managed children’s workshops and an outreach program at the nationally-renowned artist residency, Anderson Ranch Arts Center.  After Anderson Ranch, Sarabeth became an upper school art teacher at Francis Parker School in San Diego and from there to manage a $4M Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant for Denver Public Schools. Dr. Berk completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies & Instruction at the University of Denver.

Aaron Chang

Master of Arts in Teaching, RISD 2004

BFA, Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design

Aaron is Co-Principal at Longdean Elementary School in Temple City, California, a position he took after serving as Assistant Principal at Temple City High School. In his position as a school administrator, it is Aaron's goal to use his leadership position to advocate for art & design as an essential component of K-12 students’ education. Prior to his administrative positions in Temple City, Aaron held teaching positions in other California Schools. He taught drawing, painting, 3-D design and AP studio art at La Habra High School and prior to that Aaron taught woodshop, drafting, animation and computer art at a middle school. In addition to his RISD MAT, Aaron earned an M.Ed in Educational Administration from Concordia University in Irvine, California.

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