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Alysa Holland Short, MA '04, who while at RISD pursued the Community Arts Education track, shares some great news about a position with YouthBuild Providence.

"I just wanted to let you know about an exciting teaching project that I am starting next month. YouthBuild Providence has hired me to create an art education program as part of their multiple pathways educational initiative. Over the summer, the Providence School Board passed YBP's performance contract and approved their plans for the integration of a diploma option into their model beginning this September. This comes after 15 years of YBP meeting the needs of high school dropouts with innovative alternative education and workforce development services.

YBP is positioned to launch the first multiple pathways educational initiative in the City of Providence. In making the transition, YBP will play a critical role in helping Providence Public Schools tackle one of the largest social issues facing Rhode Island's capital city - the intractable high school dropout rate."

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