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Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist

Mudita Pasari (MA 2017) is a Spatial and Narrative Designer has just shared with us that a book she created as a result of her Maharam Fellowship will be exhibited in a show entitled Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist. The exhibit is scheduled for the ISB Gallery at RISD July 25th - August 18th and is a collaboration between RISD and Creature Conserve.

Over the past few years, Mudita's work has been exploring the possibilities of using powerful narratives to generate awareness about social and environmental concerns. On graduating with her MA in Art + Design Education Mudita spent the summer in her childhood town in north-eastern India, creating strategies for documenting urban biodiversity with school children. The pressing concern of urban biodiversity and the ecological balance due to human activities disturbs her. She believes that getting students excited about researching and documenting biodiversity could help address this concern in the long term. For her Maharam Fellowship,

Mudita developed a documentation system so that all the urban biodiversity information gathered can be used for more balanced urban development projects in the future.

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